Human Heavy Industries Co.,Ltd.

The main goals of Human Industry are high velocity marine vessel and non-steel Structure fabrication by veteran mangers
who have several years experiance in Ship bulduing field for special purpose marine vessels and defend industry.

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Name :
HUMAN Heavy Industries & Construction Co. Ltd
A representative director :
Na, Young-woo
Business Registration Number :
Main business :
AL high speed ship, AL yacht, offshore plant, AL structure,dissimilar metal, submarine- fittings, manufacturing and installation
special piping, laser cutting, processing
Location :
Home office, factory - Gyung-nam, Han-an gun, Chil-seomyun, Kyelongro 110
Processing factory - Gyung-nam, Changwon-si, Masanhoewon-gu, Bongamgongdan 1-gil. 165
Cutting factory - Gyung-nam, Han-an gun, Chil-seomyun, Hui-san li 765
The size of the factory :
100 square meters of building( 5000 square meters of land)
Power 500kw*380V/220V